Cigarettes have been used by people for more than decades, thinking it looks cool or helps to get away from stress. The combustion of cigarettes is harmful to health as it can affect health, adversely leading to oral cancer, lung cancer, and many other health hazards.

Snus is smokeless tobacco, however, though convenient than others due to the superior quality and minimal risk. We discuss how snus is the optimal alternative for people who are struggling hard to get rid of cigarettes but can’t.

Snus- a great alternative for cigarettes!

Our public health allowed advertising tobacco products the first time to help cigarette smokers find a less harmful alternative. People using tobacco products aren’t cheerful about its use, but it is still better than smoking cigarettes that can cause lung cancer and several severe health diseases.

Products in snus are questionable by several organizations working for public health. It is learned that snus users ingest nicotine is stored in a small pouch filled with tobacco. It is used by keeping it into teeth and lips. Cigarettes are addictive due to ingredients in it, and nicotine is one of them. Nicotine is also found in snus, but it’s not lethal doesn’t make you feel high.

Sweden- the snus provider!

Sweden is the snus provider since the 1600s, but during the world, war cigarettes took over snus. However, when people came to know the harmful effects of cigarettes, the Swedish government put hefty taxes on cigarettes buying. Cigarettes being expensive cigarette smokers gravitated towards the snus. According to Swedish Match, that estimated 9% of Swedish are cigarette smokers, whereas 18% of them are snus smokers.

Swedish snus is considered the superior, and Swedish snus’ popularity is getting higher than ever before. The superior quality of snus doesn’t only make it superior but also less risky than other smokeless tobacco products. It is a great decision for people to pick the Swedish snus when looking for something with high quality that doesn’t really put your health on stake.

Across Europe, Swedish men have the least cases of lung cancer and oral cancer. Seeing the effective results of Swedish snus over cigarettes, even our government chose Swedish snus as well for public health, and the FDA was put into force to go through the whole procedure. Fda has the authority for designating modified risk tobacco products; however, if the product doesn’t go well for public health, it can also be restricted.


In conclusion, cigarettes are really harmful due to combustion. Cigarette smokers are at high risk of getting lung cancer and oral cancer, so replacing it over time is essential. It is an ideal situation for people to pick for snus with superior quality and replace cigarettes with it to protect your overall health. There are regions where snus sale is legal to provide a better alternative to cigarette smokers. You can be surely considered the details stated above and quit cigarettes with snus use.